Pediatric Care

Pediatric Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is beneficial for all ages even newborns! Childbirth can cause stress on the infant’s spine and nervous system therefore is it important to have your child’s spine looked at and prevent health issues. As a child grows, they will sleep in awkward positions, fall while learning to crawl and walk but bounce right back. Then, as they grow they spend more time in front of the computer or TV, they may develop bad posture, play sports, wear heavy backpacks, and sit on desks for long periods which all impacts the spine. Over time, the body will develop patterns of movement which will cause bones to be misaligned. It is important to get your child’s spine assessed and make sure they have a healthy functioning and developing nervous system. Remember, a pediatric adjustment is gentle and consists of using our fingertips with very minimal pressure.

A child won’t be able to tell you if their spine is misaligned but it can come across other signs such as grumpiness, crying, or acting out. A thorough examination and treatment plan is essential to determine if treatment is needed.

Infant Massage

Infant massage therapy is very gentle, relaxing, and therapeutic. Massage therapy can help your little one through teeth pain, constipation, boost muscle development, help with sleep, and others. When your little one comes for a massage you can learn massage techniques you can apply daily at home as well.

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